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My name is Rafa Rafael from the Philippines. This blog is all about my experience as a Programmer and I.T Technician. I hope it will help you.

Who Am I?

I started my journey as an I.T Technician in 2006 and 2012 in Programming. I developed my skills from watching tutorials and reading electronic books. I consider myself as a lifelong learner and keeping up to improve more on the fields that I have considered as my passion. Right now I am a freelance web developer and started developing sites and web application, although I am still active as a technician.

I.T Technician

I started as a freelance computer technician. At the time my country still stuck on the era of 56kbps modem bandwidth and it was a very expensive niche so I don't have an internet connection. So I buy magazines to update my knowledge and books to gain proper understanding on troubleshooting, specially the hardware components. Then I meet my limitation when the iCafe's became a trend, because I need to setup a network for it. I lose a handful of opportunities because I don't have the knowledge in networking as I can't do an actual study on the setup as I only have 1 PC. So I decided to take a 2 year vocational course in Computer Hardware Servicing. From there I developed and understand the networking world, although it just basics it helps me a lot and able to cater customers not just the iCafe owners as well as the small offices that needs a network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting weather wired or wireless. Through my experience and continuing my study, I was able to improve my knowledge and skills, especially now we already have a fair bandwidth to study online. Even though I became a Programmer, I am still active as a technician. I cannot leave this field as it is my first love. =)




Never in my life I imagine to be in love with this field, I hated it at first. And thought this was for the geniuses only. It started when my Technician job income is not sustainable anymore so I need to add another job. I worked as a Real Estate Data Analyst, it was a boring job for me because I had to work on a repetitive tasks. It came to a point that I need to choose, to resign and look for another job or challenge myself to solve it. So to make the story short, I tried to solve it by creating a small program that would help me to automate those repetitive tasks and studied VB.NET by watching video tutorials and because of it I was promoted and became a Programmer. But another problem arise, they are using C# and I know basic VB.NET, bang! What I did? Oh well, I burn my eyebrows and study C#, it was very frustrating, specially they have different syntax, I felt my brain pumping in my head and I almost give up at that time but because of the support of the people around me and my wife I was able to overcome those dark days and push through it. I downloaded a lot of e-books and watched hundreds of hours of video tutorials. To make the story short I was able to develop a website scraper that scrapes ads in craiglist, jobs in linkedin, and users in facebook and tweets in twitter and export the results to CSV and/or Excel file. I can still feel the happiness I felt when I finish it, it was like I had a newborn child. But unfortunately because of constant changes on features that overwhelms me and a lot of misunderstandings and management problem, it didn't ship on the market. It was also my first heartache that almost made me cry. But I need to move on, so I continued to enhance my skills. I pick up the pieces that I did right and shift my focus on learning more on writing a maintainable and readable code. I also start studying concepts like OOP and dig deeper on C#. After a month, I was given another project, a PDF parser and website scraper that gets property data in Zillow.com using PHP. Yes I write it right, PHP! Another Bang! I need to study again and to test the result, I need to know basic HTML and because I get excited I included CSS on the list. So I read and watch video tutorials again for a week to familiarize PHP and some basic understanding in HTML and CSS. To make the story short again, I resigned my work and tried to teach programming but I realize I was not yet ready, I need to be on what I want first before I could start sharing my knowledge, so now I am improving my knowledge and skills by creating small side projects and accepting web development job as a freelancer. And of course continually improving on writing a readable and maintainable codes. I learned also to not be afraid on letting people know my mistakes because it is part of my learning process and hopefully they can learn from it as well.

Why I study?

To give you my perspective on why I study, it's because I want to learn. I want to learn because I don't have a degree, I don't have a high IQ, I am not gifted, I failed Math, sometimes my logic is inconsistent and of course I am a human being like you that is always prone to forget things and made mistakes. So for me if I stop learning, I am nothing. To become something, I need to have something and that is Knowledge.

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My recent jobs and side projects. It helps me to learn more and enhance my skills. I call them puppies.

Some of the application I created are web site scraper in C# and PHP, importing and exporting CSV and Excel records to a data grid in C#, a pdf parser in C# and PHP and contact & registration forms with validaton in Bootstrap, jQuery and PHP. But unfortunately because of this 3 letters, N D A, I am not allowed to post it on any way.

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D3VT3C Landing Page

A website landing page.Built in HTML 5 with Bootstrap and jQuery. Written from scratch including animation. I started to apply DRY on my jQuery codes. The blog was created in Wordpress.


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Filogic BPO

A website landing page. Built in HTML 5 with Bootstrap and jQuery.


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Filogic BPO App

A Broker Price Opinion tools, like distance calculator and other calculators that helps analyst to have an accurate and fast comps analysis. Built in HTML5 with Bootstrap and jQuery. API used are Google geo and Facebook feed.


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A Simple web scraper that get daily, weekly and horoscope. I use RegEX for parsing and curl for scraping. Built in HTML 5 with Bootstrap and jQuery on frontend and PHP for the scraper.


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A simple note saver app which let you create and save your notes on the fly. Features are save, edit, delete, update and share your notes on the fly. It is built in HTML5 and CSS3 with Bootstrap 3 framework on frontend and PHP with Codeigniter 3 framework and MySQL on backend.


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Bukidnon Jobs

A job listing website built in HTML5 and CSS3 using PHP with CodeIgniter 3 framework and MySQL on backend, and Bootstrap 3 on frontend. Its features are Search by keyword and/or category, an admin panel for approving jobs to be posted and adding job listings.